Strobe (Manila Killa Remix) – Out Now!

by BeaconNews on July 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to the one and only Mr. Manila Killa! What better gift than the gift of music this July 22nd, 2012 with Manila Killa’s remix of Strobe. This heart pumping, energetic massive track by the one and only Joel Zimmerman (better know to the EDM world as deadmau5), was a challenge for Manila, knowing he’d have to deliver a banger to the public.

Previously collaborating with New York City DJ HOHME with their hit “A Troll’s Mind,” Manila wanted to be sure to incorporate the stunning vocal of Eva Simons in “I Don’t Like You,” as HOHME & Manila Killa left that out of the previous track. “After her coming onto the scene with Afrojack’s ‘Take Over Control,’ I knew I had to feature her vocals on one of my tracks,” Manila Killa said in an interview with Beacon.
“Nicky Romero’s music has transformed lately, incorporating dubstep sounds into his tracks which really caught both mine and HOHME’s eyes,” he continued.
Taking on deadmau5, especially this masterpiece, is definitely a gutsy move by Manila. But after making the entire instrumental from scratch himself, Manila had complete control over how he wanted it to sound. With the combination of stutter edits, hard-driving bass, and the timeless vocals of Miss Eva Simmons, we present to you “Strobe (Manila Killa Remix) – deadmau5.”


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